We recently had the opportunity to try out the Slingshot WF1 V4 foil board and we must say, we were incredibly impressed with its performance. First and foremost, the construction of the board is top-notch. Slingshot has always been known for their high-quality products, and the WF1 V4 is no exception. The board is lightweight yet strong, thanks to its carbon and fiberglass construction. It feels extremely durable and well-built, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of foiling for a long time.

The board’s design is sleek and eye-catching. Its graphics are clean and minimalistic, giving it a modern look. The streamlined shape of the board also aids in its performance, allowing for minimal drag and effortless gliding through the water.

One of the standout features of the WF1 V4 is its foil mounting system. Slingshot has incorporated their signature track mounting system, which allows for easy adjustability and customization. You can fine-tune the placement of your foil to suit your riding style and preferences, ensuring a personalized and optimal foil setup.

When it comes to performance, the WF1 V4 shines. The board boasts excellent stability, allowing for easy take-offs and effortlessly maintaining balance while flying. Its generous volume and wide nose provide ample stability, even in choppy conditions.

Additionally, the WF1 V4’s deck pad provides excellent grip and cushioning. Giving a comfortable and secure feel, especially during longer sessions on the water. The foot straps are also easily adjustable, ensuring a custom fit for maximum control and confidence.

In conclusion, the Slingshot WF1 V4 foil board is a true winner in both design and performance. Its exceptional construction, adjustable foil mounting system, and overall stability make it a go-to choice for advanced and expert foilers. We highly recommend giving it a try if you’re in the market for a reliable and high-performance foil board.

Pumping – 7/10
Glide – 6/10
Speed – 8/10
Carving – 8/10
Ability – Intermediate to advanced

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