The Armstrong WKT137 foil board is a top-tier board designed for both beginners and advanced riders. This is an interesting setup we have the 28.5″ mast with the CF1600 front wing, which is a big wing and the Flow 235 rear wing. This board is setup for beginners, this is setup for teaching people how to foil, at least behind the boat. Teaching people how to foil and being able to get up very easily with a lot of surface area on your board.

The design of the WKT137 is both striking and functional. The board’s concave deck assists in providing superior stability, offering riders a comfortable and secure stance while riding at high speeds. It also allows for precise control during maneuvers, making it an ideal choice for riders looking to progress their foil skills.

One notable aspect of the Armstrong WKT137 is its compatibility with various foil setups. Whether you prefer a front wing, rear wing, or stabilizer of your choice, this board is versatile enough to accommodate them all. This flexibility is advantageous for riders who like to experiment and find the perfect configuration for their riding style and conditions.

Another standout feature is the board’s slightly longer length, providing enhanced stability and a smoother glide. This attribute is especially beneficial for beginners who are still developing their balance skills but also appreciated by more experienced riders who desire a controlled and fun ride.

In conclusion, the Armstrong WKT137 Foil Board is a remarkable product that exceeds expectations in terms of construction, design, versatility, and performance. Whether you are a beginner looking to embark on your hydrofoil journey or an experienced rider seeking an upgrade, this board is guaranteed to deliver an outstanding foiling experience. With its superior stability, control, and agility, the Armstrong WKT137 is undoubtedly a premium choice that will elevate your hydrofoil adventures to new heights.

Pumping – 7/10
Glide – 7.5/10
Speed – 7/10
Carving – 8/10
Ability – Beginner to advanced

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