The Scoop is a high-performance foilboard that offers a range of features to enhance your foiling experience. The board is designed to be versatile, allowing for seamless transitions and easy steering. This is achieved through the use of an intuitive concaved deck that provides a responsive feel.

The construction of the board is also a significant factor in its performance. It is made using lightweight Hybrid Carbon material with a structurally reinforced EPS core. This ensures impact resistance and rigidity, making it durable and able to withstand the pressures of foiling.

In this model, the board has been refined with steeper bevelled rails and increased tail rocker. These modifications improve the board’s ability to release off the water, making it more maneuverable and enhancing its pumpability.

Another new feature is the introduction of a 135cm size. This longer size is ideal for riders who prefer more length forward of their front foot, offering improved stability and control.

The Scoop is not limited to specific foiling conditions. It excels in strap big wave tow-foiling scenarios, meaning it is suitable for tackling challenging breaks like Pe’ahi. It is also well-suited for lower wave conditions, such as 2ft beach breaks or in the case of this review, a boat wake. This versatility allows riders to use the Scoop in a variety of settings and on various types of waves.

In addition to wave and wake riding, the Scoop is also designed for comfortable long-distance kitefoil missions. Its versatile design and responsive feel make it ideal for enjoying extended foiling sessions. It can also be used for unwinding after-work sessions, allowing riders to relax and enjoy the sunset while on the water.

Overall, the Scoop combines versatility, responsiveness, and durability to provide an exceptional foilboarding experience in a range of conditions.

Pumping – 6/10
Glide – 7/10
Speed – 8.5/10
Carving – 7/10
Ability – Advanced

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