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Encinitas CA, (August 29th, 2023) – Alliance Wake Less Than 5 Presented by Montara Boats, the only global, style based event of its kind is back for 2023. With a global digital qualifier, live event and fan voting elements, Alliance Wake Less Than 5 Presented by Montara Boats will be the largest and strongest iteration of the event to date. 

In an era of professional wakeboarding where extra 180s and double inverts have become un-relatable to the general wake riding and boating consumer, it is imperative to keep the focus on the foundation of the sport. Those basics are the tricks that are not only the building blocks for the most progressive moves seen today, but they are also the tricks that truly allow riders of all skill levels to separate themselves with unique style. 

The team at Alliance works on this event every year but are selective with who we offer this opportunity to. In 2023, the vibe and direction of Montara Boats seemed to be a perfect match for <5. When Montara layered in the Godfather of stylish wakeboarding himself (@scottbyerly) as well as @Gunnerdaft as athletes, we knew we had to have a conversation. Seems our vision was pretty inline as after just a few phone calls we were off to the races.

Corey Marotta. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Alliance said, “Partnering with the team at Montara Boats for Less Than 5 has been incredible. Montara’s Surf Boss is a perfect fit for an event of this kind and it brings a package to the water no other boat manufacturer can offer. The utility and fun of a pontoon boat while providing a world-class wake for the athletes. Most importantly, this brand and its team is a fantastic group of people and we think that translates to families looking for something different in the marketspace. That combination conveys well into Less Than 5 and what this event means to wakeboarding.”

Chris Owen. President of Montara Boats said, “We are a group of watersports enthusiasts who have been part of the wakeboarding movement since before the 1996 X-Games (yes, we were there). Names like Scott Byerly, Zane Schwenk, Parks Bonifay, Danny Harf, Andrew Adkinson were household names, and continue to be in our eyes. Since then, the sport has evolved, the tricks more complex, equipment more advanced, but the passion remains the same. This is why we are extremely excited to team up with Alliance to bring back the Less Than 5 event for this showdown of style, period! All of us at Montara Boats are stoked to do our part to pass the handle to the next generation.”

In creating this contest we attempt to remind the youth of our sport that style is indeed one of the most important aspects of your riding; it’s often much more about how you do something than what you are doing. This is quite simply the separation that focuses on wakeboarding being a boardsport not a gymnastics exercise. By limiting the number of moves scored and the amount of spinning per move, riders focus on creativity, style and interpretation of every trick. 

Scott Byerly, legendary athlete and Montara ambassador said, “I like the Less Than 5 concept for an event, for sure. I thought it was really good when Alliance did it before and it’s a perfect time to do it again right now. To just get back to the roots of riding, to get back to less is more. You can go to an event now and everybody is hucking these crazy flips and spins,  it’s been that way for a really long time. So just something new, fresh is good. I think Montara is a great match with this event to show everybody how legitimate this boat is.” 

As in the past, the Less Than 5 contest is an invitational affair, and we make sure to include some of our favorite riders in the sport as well as those who have been mainstays and those who we plan to see a lot of in the future. But in the past we have also heard a loud cry from the global community wanting an opportunity to participate. Well, we hear you.

For <5 2023 We will qualify 4 riders from a global online qualifier helping to share what style means to different riders from different corners of the world. This will effectively put them side-by-side with the best riders in the sport at the live event.

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