First things first: the looks. I’m not gonna lie, I’m superficial – I judge books by their covers. And let me tell you, this little MacBook is sweet looking. Shiny, sophisticated yet edgy, trendy but not over-the-top, and sleek. I feel better about myself just having it. So if self-esteem is an issue for you, pick one of these little silver puppies up. Second things second: the feel. The new MacBook feels powerful in your hands, or when your hands are on it typing. I swear my typing has improved since I got it. Well, maybe not but the MacBook Pro is a lot lighter than the older PowerBooks, which is nice. Sometimes it gets really hot, though, and that’s not always comfortable if you’re actually using this laptop on your lap. Nobody wants to be computing for a while then stand up to have a sweat stain on their crotch, do they? Third things third: the performance. This little baby scoots along pretty quick. I have no idea how to actually measure the performance of a computer or what the hell a Gigahertz even is, but how lame would it be if I said “this laptop isn’t very fast” when all Apple does is advertise how much faster it is than anything else out there? For all the hype about all that the new MacBook Pro can do, though, I was expecting it to do more. I mean, it doesn’t cook, it doesn’t clean, it can’t put sunscreen in the hard-to-reach spot in the middle of my back, that kind of stuff. But, what it lacks in physical ability, it makes up for with a built-in video camera. This is by far the best feature of the MacBook Pro. I never had a webcam type device before because I always thought they were stupid and pointless. I’d like to state that I was way off. Well, kind of. The camera and the whole video conferencing thing is still pretty cheesy, but there’s software that comes with the MacBook Pro called Photo Booth and it bends view of the camera to create effects like those crazy mirrors in funhouses. I’ve spent more time making faces in the camera these past two weeks than using my own real camera to take wakeboarding pictures. My recommendation: Get one, and get ready to look at pictures of yourself for the next 6-9 months depending on the level of your self-esteem and how easily you are amused by making faces.