Reeling in the Perfect Line

Who can resist the beauty of a hidden river? Or the rush of landing a trick while taking a few crashes along the way?  We’re talking about that Aussie classic from ’97 with two golden seasons of travel, adventure, and fly-fishing. If you know, you know. So here’s our take on it. A River Somewhere––winch edition.

Been fishing since I was a little kid. Being able to spend the days in nature kicking it with my friends is what draws me to it. It’s also nice to have some good food on the plate.”
– Dominik Hernler


Props to Dom’s fishing rod, which finally got its moment in the spotlight. Exploring the Munich watershed, Dom, Timo, Max, and Lisa took the winch to new depths along the Isar River, which is not only a picturesque spot but also teeming with fish. We found some epic locations, from tree stumps and waterfalls in the heart of the city to rocky riverbanks that test even the best of the best.

All my spots were set up with multiple lines, so you can’t just focus on one hit. Sometimes you only have a second to react.”
– Max van Helvoort


Oh, and here’s the news you’ve been waiting for: Timo is back after a year-long injury break, and it’s like he’s never been away. First time back on a board, and he’s already breaking the winch. Well, at least it wasn’t another bone or Dom’s fishing rod. But the most unforgettable moment? Dom catching a fish with his toothbrush. Yeah, you read that right.

“I was honestly pretty stressed because I wasn’t sure how my body would hold up. But after the first spot, I knew I was back in my element. Couldn’t have gone better!”
– Timo Kapl

So, there you have it. A nod to the classic, a lot of winching, and a whole bunch of river madness. Can’t wait to see what they pull off next.