Voltaic Marine Electric Wake Boat

So the concept of an electric wake boat is not entirely new, Ingenity released their first look at this a few years ago, but since that moment there has not been a ton of new talk about it in our space. Until now that is, with the info and rumors around the new Voltaic Marine AEW24.

Voltaic Marine Stern Side

The crew here at Alliance has a few years of experience in performance watersports boats and we all happen to be gear heads at heart. So, we had to get the inside line on what this crew from Beaverton Oregon was up to. Turns out they are avid wakeboarders and in their younger days were big fans of Alliance, so clearly, they are very smart and have good taste.

So here it is-

Voltaic Marine Helm

What They Say:
Voltaic Marine aims to produce the world’s first aluminum luxury electric water sports boat, with twice the kWh capacity of a Tesla Model S. The AEW24 is designed for 8+ hours of daily use, minimal noise and fumes, power and instant torque, a strong aluminum hull, and the ability to recharge using standard EV outlets.

Electric boats are here, but we have not seen a compelling option for what we want to do, so we designed our own. We aim to make options for water sports by water sports enthusiast and scale out to other segments.

We are ready to build and looking for investors to help us bring it to reality.

Voltaic Marine Bow

What We Say:
Well to be honest, we haven’t seen one yet, or been in one yet, but we certainly like the idea. We did get a chance to spend some real time with the founders of Voltaic and talk through their concepts and understand their experience in the EV space. The Voltaic team has a yacht designer and engineers who have all spent their careers working on electric eehicles, with some of the biggest EV names in the market. The thought, design and experience this team has, is well ahead of anything we have seen thus far in watersport. So if they can deliver what they promise, this thing is going to make some waves … sorry, had to.

On the good side – we all know that electric motors have a ton of torque which is imperative for wake activities. But the elephant in the room is run time and Voltaic believes they have addressed the “range anxiety” that has been an issue with all other EV boats. With a quoted 737 ft.  lbs. of torque and 500 hp, they project that this 24 ft. aluminum hull wake machine can run for 8 hours daily. Couple that with the concept of low noise and no exhaust and this is all pretty damn appealing as us.

No specific word from Voltaic on actual cost at this time, but they feel that they will be in the range of the existing high-end 24 ft competitors in the market.

The Alliance crew is excited about what this could be if this all comes to fruition. So stay tuned and we will keep you updated. In the meantime go check them out.

Voltaic Marine Seat Detail

To learn more about Voltaic Marine and how you can invest, CLICK HERE

Voltaic Marine Port Side

Voltaic 24 Specs:
24-Foot Aluminum Hull
12-person capacity
200kWh Battery Capacity
Peak Motor Torque 500Nm, 1000Nm (737 ft. lbs.) to Prop, instantaneous at 0 RPM
Power 375kW (500hp)
Multi-purpose continuous use time of 8+ hours per charge
Fast charge up to 80% in two hours
5,024lbs Total Stock Ballast Capacity: Hard Tanks + 2,600lbs battery ballast
Additional Ballast Systems can be added
Ballast, Batteries and Motor are all subfloor
Integrated Surf and Wake System
Bow and Stern Thrusters, for enhanced maneuverability
Large integrated storage under sun pad (No engine taking up space)
Almost no noise compared to gas and diesel engines
No exhaust smell or emissions or need for surf pipe

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