The Big Chief enjoying his creation

Battle Falls holds a special place in the sport and history of wakeskating. Reed Hansen’s labor of love has hosted stops for The Wakeskate Tour over the years, has had countless NBD’s go down, and still sees plenty of riders come through its doors. Lined with palm trees to give it that extra Florida kick, this place is still a melting pot of progression. The property was originally owned by Reed’s parents but has recently changed hands to some new owners. Lucky for us, they were gracious enough to give Reed full access to the cable when making the deal rather than paving over it. Reed knows this place like the back of his hand and invited Josh Zentmeyer and Jake Ramsdell out for a session. Check out some snaps from a nice, bright Florida morning down at the Falls!

Photos: Mathis

Gang’s all here

Josh Z in B&W

Crispy FL morning

Frontside flips for breakfast. Jake Ramsdell is always hungry.

“Just one more. Then you can go…”

Does it get any better?

The new neighbor apparently loves wakeskating

Mini Falls

Josh with the precision flick

Reed poked out over the weeds

Jake in his happy place


Just two guys bein’ dudes

You’d be smiling too if this was your backyard

Backside 180’s on point

Josh adding some flair to a classic front 180

Battle Falls living up to its name 

Walk it out 

The moment before a hammer is dropped


Respect the spray

Even little Vada got in on the session

The hardest working wakeskater around

“Hey Jake, do a kickflip!”