You may have noticed the link on the side of this site that says, “Alliance Wakeskate: online now” but I generally operate under the principle that it’s best to spell things out as explicitly as possible. And well, some people may not know exactly what that means.
So long story short, Alliance now not only puts out a wakeboard magazine, videos, TV shows, fine t-shirts and apparel, but a wakeskate magazine, as well: Alliance Wakeskate. Now, before you ask when the print issue comes out, we decided that since it’s the 90s, we’d put our latest edition in the computer so you can view this bad boy for free on the Internet.
In the first issue you’ll learn all about George Daniels thanks to Aaron Reed’s diligence in tracking him down and eloquently interviewing him. You’ll also learn of the new trend in wakeskate contests, where riders take things into their own hands. And you’ll learn to love our departments, which include: “Whips” — a look at what the pros water dance behind. “Spot or Not” – ‘Cause you don’t need a whole lake to get rad. “On Deck” — Where you’ll meet the new kids who are getting too damn good, too damn fast. “Droppings” — The random musings that our talented and wonderful staff make up. “Wakeskate or Die” — I’m not gonna ruin the surprise of where this is going, but if you read nothing else, READ THIS! And if you can’t read, get someone to read it to you.
So that’s Alliance Wakeskate. Please enjoy the first issue. Oh yeah, and that launch party? That’s in the computer too.