2014 Alliance Superlative Awards – Wakeboard Rookie of the Year

Massi Piffaretti


Massi making his presence known in Orlando   Photo: Jason Lee

Nobody has had an impact early in their careers quite like Massi Piffaretti because, well, nobody is quite like Massi Piffaretti. Yes, he’s Italian. Yes, he can be hard to understand. Yes, he can seem a bit crazy. And yes, he has questionable taste in clothing. But the kid is hilarious, awesome to hang out with, and one of the best young riders on the planet. We might be partial because he claimed third place at Less Than 5 and second place at the Old School Contest (both Alliance events), but these are our awards, so we’re doing what we want. Away from Alliance contests though Massi has still made quite a name for himself this year, and not just because his name is Massi. He rides with a style all his own that continues to develop and evolve at a breakneck pace while also regularly landing some of the hardest tricks in the business. We expect big things from this Italian import in the future, and we can’t wait for more opportunities for jokes involving stromboli, manicotti, and the TMNT.


Truck driver back roll. That’s a first.   Photo: Bradlee Rutledge


Backside 180 at the Less Than 5 contest    Sequence: Garrett Cortese