24 minutes of wakeskating madness on Clear Lake over the last year. Enjoy!

Sam Langley, Trey Seneff, T.J. Giesey, Andrew Fortenberry, James McGuigan, Tommy Wooten, Edgar Perez, Rex Rimato, Brett Swaim, Chris Mitchell, Brandon Lesuer, Jordan Jarvis, Jason Fernandes, David Lollar, Stan Lajoie, Josh Hernandez, Heather Johnson, Jason Richards, Brian Reeder, Laura Hawthorne, Mandy Flanders, Kaytee Giesey, Shelly Rush, Jen Gilanfarr, Zuzana Vrablova, Andrew Pastura, and Jake Ramsdell.

Video from James McGuigan

***You can drown in your bathtub if you fall hard enough. Always wear a life jacket while wakeskating.***
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