2021 Wakeskate

It’s crazy how talented the top wakeskaters are these days. The drive they have (even though the support from the industry itself has dwindled) makes it even more impressive. When we talk about a top tier wakeskater we think of a few things, tech, power, control and of course style. All these things easily describe Maxime Giry to us. Coming out with these banger social clip drops and producing hammer after hammer with sections like  in ”Al Dente” with Cole Kraiss and friends, his sooruz part “Winch for Dayz”, watermoster’s “Alles Gut” and  “6@7”, plus a few other banger videos to hit the web just showed the kid was on another level this year. 


            As if that wasn’t enough this Frenchy continued his dominance by winning the Champion D’Europe Wakeskate contest and a couple others along the way. He dropped a new feature with Unit parktech, got a pro model wakeskate with Watermosters, traveled all over the world and was just a cool dude to be around. To us he was just the one that helped show that wakeskating isn’t dead and it’s in very good hands.