Check out the Suwannee Bro 2 section from the August/September issue of Alliance Wake!

James McGuigan with a proper flick

Words & Photos: Jeff Mathis

Nestled away in what some would call “the middle of f*cking nowhere”, FL, is a little slice of wakeskating heaven owned and maintained by the one and only Nick Taylor. In the past, the location has not only been a staple stop of The Wakeskate Tour, but countless Remote team trips, the inaugural Suwannee Bro back in 2015, and more long days winching then I’m sure anyone can recollect. Named for the iconic Suwannee River flowing west of the location, the property has its own personality reminiscent of Woodstock. The Suwannee Bro was an idea that came about as easily as it could have … instead of doing another contest where everybody is stressing over their runs and how they stack up to the competition, why not open up this spot to everyone to come have a good time and push wakeskating as much as they could? And once the word got out, the people started coming in droves. Not only did the riders show up but so did the friends, the friends of friends, and even some who had no connection to anyone there at all. But by the end of the weekend, they were all family. With two winches running pretty much the whole time, plenty of inflatables to chill out on, a mini ramp and skate slab next to the pond, and a field to rip a mini 50cc bike in, there was always something entertaining happening. Cap it off with a giant fireworks showdown at 2 a.m. and the weekend was nothing short of a success.

Nick Taylor feeling right at home

With a sport like wakeskating, community is everything. To be able to show up to a contest, event, or whatever it may be, the fact that it feels like a family reunion might be the best feeling ever. To reunite with friends that you hadn’t seen in weeks, months, or even years all because of the love of riding a plank of wood through the water is what it’s all about. No rivalries, no attitudes, just good vibes and epic times on the water. And when you get some of the best wakeskaters in the world together in your backyard, you know it’s going to be a good time. Nick knows the feeling all too well and that’s exactly why he continues to open up his doors to the wakeskating community, because when you have a spot as amazing as he does, it must be shared. So thank you Nick for your hospitality and your love for wakeskating. We all appreciate it.

“Suwannee was the spot I’d been daydreaming about since I was a kid at school, the lifelong fantasy playground of a stoke-struck wakeskater. After years of working towards it, there’s nothing better than trading off handles with old friends & new in the heart of the dream turned real. Watching everyone shred while sitting up in the treehouse or floating the middle pond on a unicorn raft surrounded by trues had me feeling all kinds of happy & content. Such a rad birthday weekend!” – Nick Taylor

“Nick’s property is a perfect spot for the wakeskate community to come together. Filled with oak trees, a skatepark and two perfect winch drops, this place will make any skater want to split from their job, pitch a tent and getaway. Suwannee Bro is rad because any wakeskater can come and skate with some of the best while learning how to set up and drive the winch for their friends. Hopefully they leave being bit by the winch bug, and start searching for spots near their hometown.” Josh Zentmeyer

“Suwannee is rad because it’s a place where a bunch of random people from all over can come together not only to wakeskate but to enjoy each other’s company. It’s awesome to slow down and keep the wakeskate vibes going when there’s so much going on in everyone’s lives. It’s nothing short of a paradise for wakeskaters … and mosquitoes.” Matt Hooker

Photo: Budds

“As much fun as it is to watch everyone compete and push each other at contests, the Suwannee Bro is a great representation of how awesome the wakeskate community is. It’s that DIY mentality that gets stuff done and brings everyone together to accomplish a common goal of pulling off the most grassroots of grassroots events.” – TJ Giesy

“In a world with a six-second news cycle and where social media bubbles in every area of our lives, visiting Nick’s Suwannee oasis is almost like visiting another planet. The dirt path leads you to an enchanted forest where cell phones don’t work, friendly faces surround you, and everyone is happy to be where they are. For a couple days a year, the magic is real. Nothing matters but camping, skateboarding, fireworks, rope swings, field soccer, PB & J’s, and a bit of wakeskating. Paradise.” Marcus Knox

“There are few places in the world that run on such seemingly ancient and clean magic as Suwannee. The forest is guaranteed to provide the vibes that you seek. This year the no-pressure atmosphere led to fun doubles runs, trick experimentation, and family vibes. I couldn’t think of a better place to ride and enjoy time with great people. Thanks Nick for opening up this little place of joy again to the world.” – Jake Ramsdell