When it comes to top of the line competition surf style wake surfboards, the Quest has to be one that comes to mind. This board is constructed of carbon, making it super light and airs a breeze. The fins on the Quest have been moved slightly towards the nose in comparison to many other boards for “catch free” shuv-its. This board is designed for those looking to ride at the highest level of the wakesurf scene. What was really interesting in our review was that even though this board is designed with the best riders in mind, it was still extremely fun for just about everyone. This board is a twin fin which keeps it loose and fast making it easy for anyone to stay in the wave and it carved great as well. The fins being moved forward for air maneuvers also helps loosen the board up, yet it can still track well when you need it to lock in. The only thing we can’t confirm is the long term durability but in our experience carbon fiber is pretty darn durable. With a fully carbon construction and a price tag to match, this isn’t exactly the type of board you want to be throwing around the boat. Other than that, this board is a great option whether you want to ride with the best of them or learn as a beginner on a board you can grow into.
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