Do you want to surf behind your current boat without the hassle of switching weight from side-to-side? Well now you can with Wakemakers new Wave Control!
Introducing the first aftermarket retrofittable wakesurf system. Gain the convenience of instantly changing the surf side with the push of a button. Not only is this system convenient for switching sides, it also gives the driver the option to dial in the surf wave with an easy to use control tab. WaveControl does not take the place of ballast but will increase the wave’s total length while allowing you to dial in the perfect shape to compliment your riding style.
Evenly Weighted Ballast

Evenly Weight Your Boat

Fill your ballast to evenly weight your boat for better handling and a safer ride. WaveControl is designed to work with an evenly weighted boat, giving the driver better control while turning and a more comfortable experience for passengers in the boat.

Convenient Side-To-Side Transfers

With the push of a button the driver or rider can transfer the waves momentum from one side to the next in under 3 seconds. Experience the convenience of instant transfers and never worry again making sure all of the goofy riders surfed so you can change the ballast. With WaveControl the boat is weighted symmetrically and you pick which side to surf on instantly. Forget about filling and draining ballast each time you want to switch sides and spend more time surfing!

WaveControl Precision Wave Tuning Tab Movement

Precision Wave Tuning

PWT (Precision Wave Tuning) makes it simple to get the perfect wave regardless of rider skill level or preference right from the dash. Use the intuitive interface on the dash to adjust the tab position and watch the size and shape of the wave change.

Take Control Of Your Surf

WaveControl technology is designed to improve the handling of your boat by allowing you to evenly distribute the weight throughout the hull. This keeps the boats running altitude nearly level, giving the driver better forward vision and eliminating listed turns. Experience the convenience, safety and comfort of driving a symmetrically weighted boat.

Wave Tuner Control Panel

Wave Tuner Control

The faceplate with a three button design reduces interface complexity for the best user experience. LED lit switches will provide critical information about what side the system is serving. Precision Wave Tuning will dramatically change the shape through the potentiometer knob in the center.

What’s Included

WaveControl is a complete wakesurf solution for your boat. Everything that’s necessary to turn your wave from average to amazing is included in this kit. Each WaveControl comes standard with Two Patent-Pending Go Surf Assist Surf Tabs, Two Lenco Heavy Duty Actuators, a SmartWave Control System equipped with an Integrated GPS and a WaveTuner Faceplate with LED buttons.