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Elias Garcia loves wakesurfing, but more so he loves the people and the community that is made up of lake lovers and boaters around Salt Lake City, the country and even the world. The lake life community is pretty simple, if you know, you know and that is the case with Surf Union. Time in a boat with family and friends is unique and precious and not everyone knows that, but the Surf Union crew does; if you are cool, you’re in, you like to wakesurf, you’re in, you are just a mellow fun person, you’re in, just help it grow.

Here is a Q&A with Elias Garcia (Founder) to let you in on what Surf Union is and what they have cooking up.

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What exactly is Surf Union?
Surf Union is a dynamic watersport lifestyle brand that is focused on providing top-quality gear that is aligned with our culture. Our philosophy is that everyone in the community is welcome to be a part of our brand and help to build the lifestyle we all love. Founded by Me (Elias Garcia), the company initially started by offering wake surfing lessons in the Southern Utah market but has since grown into a lifestyle brand that offers a range of services to watersport enthusiasts across the country. We created a family to ride with – Surf Union. We want to bring in others, give back to the community, provide an experience, lessons, knowledge, people to ride with and hang out with.

What inspired the Surf Union culture and how were you able to create it?
Wake Surfing is a group sport. I have been working on creating an amazing culture within Surf Union with top athletes who are helping us shape Surf Union and ultimately the entire industry. When starting this company I wanted to create something everyone can enjoy and be a part of regardless of their skill level. As we continue to grow I hope to see other brands collaborate with us to help take it to the next level! At the end of the day our Surf Union Team is all a big family, on and off the water and we all have worked very hard to get where we are today.

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What are the future plans for Surf Union?
Currently the company has over 10 top athletes who are pushing the limits to help take the wakesurfing to the next level. In addition to our athletes, we have created The Losing Tides Donation to help play a part in our environmental responsibility. We are on a mission to not simply be another watersports lifestyle brand but provide quality and limited gear as well as have a unique approach which provides benefits and resources to all. 

Who are some of your team members?
EG: Bailey Dunn, Jett Lambert, Jordan Taylor, Jaxon Gamer, Skyler Greenhawt, Skyler Sorensen and James Otto to name a few. But we have dozens of friends and family who are vested in helping our community grow.

What is the responsibility that The Losing Tides Donation is taking on?
EG: The Surf Union Losing Tides Donation has teamed up with Ocean Voyage Institute to help reduce the staggering 11 million pounds of plastic waste polluting the ocean. Each Purchase made on Surf Union, we will do our part to donate to the Ocean Voyage Team by providing them funds to help perpetuate their initiatives. Each donation made by Surf Union will equate to the reduction of 60 plastic water bottles. 

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