New for 2023 is the Soulcraft Noserider, an outstanding wake surfboard that is specifically designed for riders who want a classic, longboard-style experience on the water. The board is 6’6″ in length and has a traditional longboard shape with a rounded spoon nose and square tail.

One of the standout features of the Noserider is its construction. The board is made from a combination of high-quality foam and fiberglass, which gives it a nice balance between weight and durability. This also gives the board a smooth, stable feel when riding, making it great for cruising and hanging ten.

In terms of performance, the Noserider excels on a smaller wave and glassy conditions. The board’s long, wide shape allows riders to maintain speed even in slow-moving water, and the single fin setup gives it a nice amount of stability and control.

Overall, the Soulcraft Noserider is an excellent choice for riders who want a longboard-style wakesurfing experience. While it may not be the ideal board for fast-paced, aggressive maneuvers, the Noserider is perfect for cruising and enjoying a laid-back ride on the water. Its classic design and high-quality construction make it a board that any wakesurfer will appreciate.

Carve – 5/10
Stays in wave – 9.5/10
Speed – 9/10
Pop – 1/10
Ability – Beginner to advanced

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