The Snaggle Tooth line is considered to be Rusty’s “high performance” model, and it is. This board features a short bat-nose which allows the riders to snap off the top of the wave without having to worry about catching the nose on the way down. Rusty was redesigning the Snaggletooth when they signed Champion wake surfer, Chad Carlson, to the team. With some input from Chad, they made some refinements and the Snaggle Tooth 2.0 was born. The Snaggletooth 2.0 has a square tail vs a thumb tail. This gives it more area, which provides for extra lift. The 2.0 has a modest single concave in the central part of the board which splits into a double concave in the “zone’ between the feet. The board did everything well, fun to carve and easy for airs with enough pop to ride at an elite level. This board is a great option to last through anyone’s wakesurf journey – from just starting out, all the way to the professional levels.

Carve – 8/10
Stays in wave – 7/10
Speed – 7/10
Pop – 8/10
Ability – Intermediate to advanced

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