All photography: Ryan Taylor

As planned the first day of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown presented by Nautiques at BSR Cable Park in Waco Texas was huge in every regard. With over 200 rides and 42 guys entered in pro features alone the first day was everything it could have been. Taking place at the park that every rider considers the best park in the country and likely the world, the conditions and the features were only equaled by the hospitality and the beautiful grounds.

With BSR as a partner, the first stop of the Wake Park Triple Crown has a $50,000 purse for this one event. Easily the richest purse for a wake park event ever held in the U.S. Today there were standout rides from many of the regular big names like Tom Fooshee, Daniel Grant, Matty Hastler and Jimmy Lariche. But there is also a crew of new and little known cable riders stepping into the scene this year who are going to upset status quo.

Check out some of the photos from Friday and see the line up for Saturday.

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RIDING ORDER May 25, 2013
Monster Energy WWA Wake Park Triple Crown presented by Nautique Boats

8:00 am Open Features    Open Features
Quarter Finals    Heat #:    03    Quarter Finals    Heat #:    04
1    Blake Bishop    USA    1    Cody Karstedt    USA
2    Cody Oxford    USA    2    Crosse Bearden    USA
3    Brock Zager    USA    3    Aiden Gunningham    USA
4    Kelbey Huebner    USA
8:20 am Pro Features    Pro Features    Pro Features
Semi Finals    Heat #:    01    Semi Finals    Heat #:    02    Semi Finals    Heat #:    03
1    Ben Leclair    CAN    1    Lance Stevens    USA    1    Kyle Cameron    USA
2    Yonel Cohen    USA    2    Julian Cohen    USA    2    Jon Dickey    USA
3    Daniel Grant    THAI    3    Matty Hasler    AUS    3    Graham Burress    USA
4    Jade Whirley    USA    4    Tom Fooshee    USA    4    Jimmy Lariche    USA
Pro Features
Semi Finals    Heat #:    04
1    Declan Clifford    ENG
2    Nick Kamper    USA
3    Dylan Branch    USA
4    Collin Harrington    USA

9:00 am Open Women    9:15 am Open Men    Open Men
Semi Finals    Heat #:    01    Semi Finals    Heat #:    01    Semi Finals    Heat #:    02
1    Summer Downs    USA    1    Taylor Lacy    USA    1    Jarrett Jones    USA
2    Aiden Gunningham    USA    2    Blaine Buchanan    USA
3    Jake Pelot    USA    3    Jason Rich    USA
4    Zach Kent    USA    4    Kelbey Huebner    USA
9:45 am Women’s Professional    Women’s Professional
Semi Finals    Heat #:    01    Semi Finals    Heat #:    02
1    Becky Bond    USA    1    Alexa Score    USA
2    Corrie Dyer    USA    2    Tracy Baynham    USA
3    Erika Langman    USA    3    Angelika Schriber    SWI
4    Julia Rick    GER    4    Courtney Angus    AUS
10:15 am Men’s Professional    Men’s Professional
Semi Finals    Heat #:    01    Semi Finals    Heat #:    02
1    Chandler Powell    USA    1    Taylor Kress    USA
2    Nick Kamper    USA    2    Matty Hasler    AUS
3    Nick Davies    ENG    3    Declan Clifford    USA
4    James Windsor    AUS    4    Tom Fooshee    USA

10:45 am Open Features Semi-Finals
11:00 am Bi-Level Wakeskate    Bi-Level Wakeskate
Semi Finals    Heat #:    01    Semi Finals    Heat #:    02
1    Nick Taylor    USA    1    Aaron Reed    TEX
2    Mayce Dipple    AUS    2    Matt Hooker    USA
3    Bret Little    TEX    3    Collin Gee    USA
4    Josh Zentmeyer    USA    4    Andrew Pastura    USA
5    Marcus Knox    USA    5    Austin Pastura    USA
6    Daniel Grant    THAI    6    Collin Haas
11:15 am Pro Women Features    Pro Women Features
Semi Finals    Heat #:    01    Semi Finals    Heat #:    02
1    Alexa Score    USA    1    Ashley Leugner    CAN
2    Corrie Dyer    USA    2    Angelika Schriber    SWI
3    Tracy Baynham    USA    3    Courtney Angus    AUS

11:45 am Pro Men Features Semis
12:15 Women’s Open Finals
12:30 pm Men’s Open Finals
1:00 pm Pro Women’s Finals
1:30 pm Pro Men’s Finals
2:00 pm Open Features Finals
2:15 pm Bi-Level Wakeskate Finals
4:00 pm Pro Women’s Feature Finals
4:15 pm Pro Features Finals
Top 2 Riders Advance Through Each Round!!! (besides Pro Wakeskate)