“On the first week of September 2022, The Streets of Bangkok were starting to flood due to heavy storms. Being a Wednesday I had the bright idea to take Wakeskate Wednesday to the streets… Landing myself a $150 traffic violation fine along with a 2 year probation for my actions.

Leading up into the winter season, I linked up with Nathan Darby from PayDay TV to film a winch project. Showcasing winching in Thailand throughout the local canals also known as a “khlong” in Thai. From cleaning up plant debris, dead fish and avoiding monitor lizards and snakes. The water and locals at every spot were very welcoming and even helped out in some occasions.

We started this project in November 2022 and filming continued until April 2023. Scouting out and finding that there is so many spots around Thailand waiting to be discovered has been one of the highlights of the project. I’d like to Thank everyone who had helped out during the process of the video it wouldn’t have been possible without your help and contribution.” – Daniel Grant

HUGE thanks to Liquid Force , Ripcurl and Thai Wake Park for making this project possible in the first place. Also thank you GoPro , Waxthat, OG Lab Genetics, Telesin, Scab & Pus Wakeskate essentials, Unit Park Tech and Intensity Pro Shop.
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