West Side Riders is the celebration of a culture that originated in Southern California.  This culture has transcended all boundaries to become interwoven through American society and all parts of the world.  More than just beaches, palm trees, and beautiful women, Southern California is the mecca of action sports and the birthplace of gang banging.  Home of the Hollywood stars, the father of motorcycle gangs, and foundation for gangster rap.   Like the graffiti and diverse California topography the people are colorful, outspoken, and unique.  A rich Hispanic influence is infused in our streets, our food, our music, and has a heavy presence in our clothing, art, and tattoo scene.  West Side Riders desires to embrace the positive elements of these cultural influences and share the essence of California and our bordering states with the world. Whether skating the city streets or snowboarding in the mountains, surfing the beaches or doing freestyle motocross in the desert, winding through country roads on a Harley or lowriding an old school down the boulevard, riding is our way of life.


Randall “Vandall” Harris