Why did we go to Alaska? Just for the halibut. Oh man, I’ve been waiting to write that since we got back, glad I got it off my chest. But seriously, we went because we cod. Could, I mean. Okay, that’s enough, those jokes really aren’t funny, and I should have my head exsalmoned. Yes!
            Trevor Hansen, Mike Schwenne and Danny Molina joined Matt Staker and I for a week in Alaska last week, to film for Pull and do a magazine article that will come out in our early spring issue. That’s why we went there. People do wakeboard in Alaska, although for just a few short months in the summertime. Actually, the crew up in Anchorage — Mike, Sol and Conan, big ups — are about the coolest group of wakeboarders I’ve run into anywhere. They work all night at a bar called the Pioneer in downtown Anchorage, and then drive everyday for an hour to either Big Lake or Wasilla to wakeboard all day until they have to get back for work that night. If you are ever in Anchorage stop by the Pioneer, they’ll treat you right and they may even take you riding the next day.
            Here are the answers to your questions: yes, the water was a little cold, but only when we were in front of that glacier; it weighs about 150 pounds; Staker is sitting on an iceberg striking a Zissou pose; no, we were not hunting.