The one & only, Graeme Burress is back at it in All Terrain! Following Landlocked, Graeme was recovering from some bumps and bruises which gave him the time to scour Google Earth for the next spillway, drop, and unique terrain setting & he drove to locations where water was available. The winching is from Texas and North Carolina, majority of the clips were captured by his two-man team, mostly @JBONeill driving the @Rewinch and filming at the same time. Graeme stomped most stunts a multiple times to put this together for us. Wakeparks include The Levee, Elevated Wakepark, Turncable Wakepark & Wakepark Ascheim in Germany. Both Graeme & JB thoroughly enjoyed their road trip through Europe this season, meeting, and riding with locals at every park possible.

Whether the terrain is wakepark, spillway, massive drop, handrail, concrete slab, or grass – Graeme gets it done on all terrains. His new pro model cable wakeboard, the ATV (All Terrain Vessel) handles everything Graeme decides to challenge.

Enjoy and stay tuned for his next edit… Currently in the works.

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