Kyle enjoying the fruits of Mother Nature’s labors. Photo: Cortese


Mountains or beach: Mountains. I grew up snowboarding in Canada so any excuse to head to the mountain and I’m there. I actually used to be a snowboard instructor before moving to Florida to pursue wakeboarding.

Shoes or flops: Shoes always. I’m not a fan of flops. Bare feet in public is a bit weird. There are some nasty feet out there.

Goatee or ‘stache: I don’t know. A good goatee is hard to come by, but at the same time the ‘stache has made a comeback and nearly been played out. I’m reinventing myself this year as “the great white north” with a lumberjack beard.

Crossfit or P90x: Crossfit all day long. I’ve been doing it as a hobby for two years now. Rusty (Malinoski) and I are actually in the process of opening a crossfit gym in Clermont, FL right now. We should be open in about a month. I’m looking forward to finally having a spot close to home and also being in business with one of my best friends.

Fishing or golf: Golf without a question. I love golf. And I HATE fishing. I have a weird phobia with touching the fish. I don’t mind catching it, but taking it off the hook is my worst nightmare.

Gold or silver: Gold. I think it’s making a comeback. It went through a bit of a strange phase but I think that’s done now. I want a gold watch for my birthday. Anyone?

Labbat or Molsen: Ummm I’m actually a big Molsen fan, especially when I’m at home in Canada. I love the taste and the label, but my favorite Canadian beer is called Alexander Keiths.

Bravo or HGTV: HGTV. My wife Katy and I actually really dig the show Property Brothers. I have it set as a shortcut on my remote. It’s great since we’re homeowners, but a true sign that we are getting old.

Double flips or 1080’s: At the moment I think I would prefer double flips. There are some crazy different variations coming out now. Dowdy’s are insane. It’s cool to see the progression of the sport.

G23 or G25: As long as there’s a G, it’s good with me. Currently I’m rolling in the G25. It’s got a TON of room, sick for surfing, cruising the big lakes in Clermont, and obviously the wakeboard wake is a monster.

Wrap or pass: Wrap. Watching riders like Rathy and Danny lately has sparked my interest in new ways to spin. I’ve been working on slowing down and grabbing for longer. I’ve also been having a lot of fun with the rewind tricks lately. The wrap handle is a great way to put a new twist on your riding.


Kyle, unwrapping. Photo: Cortese


Check out some recent footage of Kyle in action behind his new Nautique G25…