parks bonifay double or nothing

Parks Bonifay competes at the Red Bull Double or Nothing contest put on by Parks Bonifay in Orlando, FL, USA on September 12, 2021.

Alliance MultiMedia partners with TGR (Teton Gravity Research) to release The Epicenter, a short about the global center of the sport of wakeboarding, including coverage from Red Bull’s 2021 Park’s Double or Nothing event.

Alliance MultiMedia explores why Orlando is the epicenter of professional wakeboarding. Told through interviews with the biggest icons in the sport both past and present, learn the history of the global migration to Florida and why all of the biggest riders and events happen there. This short includes the season finale’ and biggest event of the year, Park’s Double or Nothing event presented by Red Bull.


Rusty Malinoski hitting a double-up in the heart of the wake scene, Orlando FL.

“This is one of the most obvious stories in the watersports world but very little has actually ever been written or produced about it. The crew at Alliance has had this idea for over a decade and via a partnership with Red Bull and Teton Gravity Research we were able to help tell some of this story.” Bill McCaffray of Alliance MultiMedia said.

Brian Grubb hitting the big rail

Brian Grubb setting the bar in Orlando on a wakeskate circa 2001.

Wake athletes from all over the world have historically called Central Florida home during the spring and summer months. From Orlando, they have consistently led the entire sport of wakeboarding globally. We interviewed both past and present iconic athletes to help understand why Orlando is the benchmark destination for wakeboarding and why every legitimate athlete must do their time there. The reason for this centering point is somewhat obvious, with nice lakes with great conditions across every street, but we also learn how the community grew into an actual global movement that even non-riders and groupies moved to Orlando to be a part of. 

Wake Scene Orlando

If you wanted to stake your claim in wakeboarding you came to Orlando, it’s just what you did.

From the center of Orlando with all of the best riders in the world it is clear why Parks’ and Red Bull pick this town to host the Parks Double or Nothing event. We follow the athletes that help tell the story of Central Florida into the Park’s Bonifay Double or Nothing event, one of the longest running premier double up events in the sport.

Parks Bonifay

DIY rails weren’t just a fad, it’s all you had.

Tune in to TGR tomorrow, November 4th and hear from the community that gathers in Central Florida and understand why the performances that happen here have created the global epicenter of the sport.