It’s been a bit more than a year since all the #spacetapes videos came out. Nico and the crew had so much fun shooting their video submission and wanted to share with you how cool Lake X looked. I mean, it’s a dream to dig up your own little wakepark, right?
This video takes you through the tries to get the tricks, through the work that went into building everything and lets you be part of the great vibes we had.

Team MoNiMaToNi

Momo Dudzinski
Nico von Lerchenfeld
Manu Rupp
Tom Vanhauer
Nico Schneier

Thanks to:
Sven Schüber
Who dug through gigs and gigs of footy to edit this piece

Patrick Catford
Who filmed and edited the original MoNiMaToNi-video

Nane von Lerchenfeld
Who filmed her ass off, too
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