2021 Mind Melter

If you’re a fan of wakeboarding, especially watching wakeboarding, there’s no doubt you’ve had your mind melted before. Something captured on video that is just so unfathomable, it makes you wonder how it’s even possible or if it’s even real. Usually it’s a display of riding that is so technical yet so creative you have to watch it many times over to understand what the trick even is, and then a few more to truly appreciate what you have seen.

pedro caldas waterslide

Few riders ever accomplish a trick to this aptitude, but of those few, there seem to be a couple that make it a goal to consistently melt minds. Pedro Caldas is a rider that is no stranger to performing in this realm. 

pedro caldas method

In Pedro’s latest edit with Dave AV he proved he could put down the best of them all while essentially only using one hand. It is something you have to see to believe and truth be told that is the case with most clips that come from Pedro. Even while trying to find the words to write this, We are left watching and rewatching the same tricks in disbelief. Our best advice is to track down Dead Hand Gang, Las Tres, or any other Pedro Caldas edit. You certainly will not be disappointed.

pedro caldas