2021 All Terrain

Traditionally we have used the All Terrain award to recognize riders that participate in the highest level of the sport across all of the major facets – Boat, Cable, Winch. This year we are shaking things up and awarding a rider who goes beyond wakeboarding. 


Daniel Grant is considered to be one of the greatest wakeboarders of all time. We have seen him land NBD’s, we have seen him perform some of the most stylish big air moves, but if you have been on social media lately you have probably also seen Daniel participating in some on water hijinx that just make getting out to the cable look fun.


Photo: @noomatichatpong

Whether it be on the wakeskate, the trick skis, his personalized “trick skate” or even just a retro wakeboard that is sure to take you back to a simpler time, Daniel Grant reminds us all that wakeboarding, at the end of the day, is all about having a good time. It also helps that Daniel’s version of fun involves being good enough to constantly blow our minds on whatever he is standing on. Daniel’s videos are a solid reminder of what wakeboarding and getting out on the water in general is all about.


Photo: @spicy.noodless