Welcome to the Moxie Pro Presented by Body Glove – an All Women’s Professional Wakeboarding Series

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Encinitas CA, (August 6th, 2020) – The Moxie Pro Presented by Body Glove is the first ever standalone professional wakeboarding series supporting the incredible women of wakeboarding. This three event series will create a voice and platform open to women participants across the globe for both boat and cable disciplines. This made for media and digitally centric series will perpetuate the women’s sport, showcase their talent, style, camaraderie, lifestyle and tenacity. All of this is made possible through a historic partnership between Alliance MultiMedia and Body Glove. The Body Glove brand remains one of the strongest supporters of women’s lifestyle in action sports.

Moxie: Noun

  1. Vigor; Energy; Character
  2. Courage; Determination
  3. Skill; Know-How

Moxie is the perfect description for the professional women wakeboarders today. They pursue wakeboarding with very little support but have built a constantly growing community who are dedicated to progressing the sport and supporting one another.

In a time that most athletes and brands are simply getting by, Body Glove has stepped up to help Alliance Wake create the first ever, standalone all women’s professional wakeboarding series. These athletes have been looking for an event series like this for more than two decades, it is an incredible time for Body Glove to step behind Alliance MultiMedia to help make this happen.

Meagan Ethell, Body Glove Professional Wakeboarder is incredibly excited for this series. “For the first time ever, Body Glove and Alliance are hosting a women’s standalone pro series! This is so huge for women’s wakeboarding and I’m excited to see what this opportunity brings for the women in our industry.” Ethell said.

The Moxie Pro offers the opportunity for all talented wakeboarding women worldwide to participate. Recognizing the current climate, the series will start with two digital events with video submitted riding lines, first cable and then boat. The final event is scheduled to run live in Orlando in late October and will incorporate both cable and boat disciples. The final event will be the culmination of the competitive series and a celebration of all women with Body Glove leading onsite activities such as Yoga and SUP sessions.

“It’s so incredible that this is finally happening for the women in wakeboarding. This is exactly what we were working for decades to create. I’m so stoked to be a part of this and help judge this event.” Said wakeboarding legend Melissa Marquardt.

In addition to a $12,500 prize purse, the hand selected MVP of this series will be awarded a Body Glove clothing contract. That agreement will include the association with Body Glove as well as product and financial support to further help this athlete pursue her career as a professional wakeboarder.

Series Schedule

August 31st, 2020

First CABLE event live on site, all riding lines up on website for initial qualifying round and voting.

Submissions open on 8/7/2020

September 21st, 2020

First BOAT event live on site, all riding lines up on website for the initial qualifying round and voting.

Submissions open on 8/28/2020

October 24th, 2020

Live onsite event in Orlando FL with cable, boat and series overall celebration.

Check out www.moxie-pro.com for more info and regular updates.

Contest Format


Riders are charged with submitting one consecutive, features only 5 trick line with at least one kicker hit, but no more than 2 kicker hits.


Riders are charged with submitting one consecutive 6 trick line with at least one Less Than 5 move (the Less Than 5 Move is defined as anything less than a 540 rotation that is not inverted; straight airs, 180’s, 360’s. The goal here is to promote style and be relatable for the masses).

Final Event

Live onsite event in Orlando FL. with boat and cable events and a women’s Day at the Lake celebration to include Yoga and SUP instruction. All of this in addition to the Moxie Pro Series closing celebration recognizing all of the individual event winners and crowning our series champion as well as announcing the Next Body Glove Girl MVP award.


Stay tuned to Moxie Pro for regular updates and go get your lines dialed now! Sign up HERE


For sponsorship information and participation, please email corey@alliance.co or bill@alliance.co

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The Moxie Pro series is subject to change. Alliance MultiMedia and Body Glove reserve the right to cancel or adapt any of the preceding events based on current safety standards, rules, and regulations.