Following in the other Aussie’s footsteps, Haydon sends! (photo: Soden)

Name: Haydon Bru
Birthday: 01/16/03
Riding Stance: Left foot forward 
Preferred Pull: boat (G23)
Years riding: Six
Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia
Favorite Trick: Double Cab roll

Alliance: Haydon, what’s up? You’re a part of the next generation of Australian shredders. What’s that like? Are you the next Harley Clifford or what?

Haydon: *laughs* Yeah, maybe one day! That is definitely what I’m aiming for and that has been my dream since I started riding. I’ve looked up to him for a while now so let’s hope it happens!

A: Let’s face it, there will never be another Harley … but that’s ok because you’ve got your own style! What got you into wakeboarding?

H: My parents have owned a boat since I was born so I guess just being out in the boat every day definitely helped, but the real reason is because I went to watch a wakeboard competition where I saw some real riding. Cobe France was out doing all sorts of flips and spins so once I saw that, I had to give it a shot and haven’t looked back.

A: Who’s your usual crew that you go out with? Who pushes you the most to try new tricks?

H: When I’m home in Australia, I ride a lot with Scotty Kell. He owns Black Diamond Wake School, so that’s always a solid spot. When I’m in Orlando, I ride with as many people as I can but mostly with Gunner Daft and Massi Piffaretti out on Lake Conway. They’re always hyped to go for a set and they definitely push me to progress.

A: What do you like to do in your down time? Fortnite, I’m assuming? Hopefully you get into more than that …

H: *laughs* I guess I play Fortnite sometimes when I’m bored, but what I really like to do in my free time is either go to the gym or ride the motorbike at Elliot Digney’s house. We’ve been setting up some little jumps over there and sending it. 

A: How long have you been coming over to the U.S.? What’s your favorite part about it? What about your least favorite?

H: I came over to the U.S. for the first time last year for two months. My favorite part about Orlando is definitely the wakeboarding side of it. Besides that, there’s plenty to do around town and the boys are always getting into something so I don’t stay bored for too long. There’s not really much to dislike about Orlando …maybe the heat? It’s pretty brutal, but makes for good days out on the boat.

A: What gets you stoked to go ride? Do you have any weird rituals or habits you do before you strap in?

H: Nothing in particular, honestly. I’m always excited to get out there and rip. The only thing I do consistently before I strap in is stretch a lot so my body is ready for the impact.

A: Spins or inverts? Why?

H: Definitely spins, although mobe 5’s and double flips are fun. Spins take a lot more control and when you whip around a good one, it’s just such a solid feeling.

A: What are you plans for the 2019 season?

H: My main plan for 2019 is to keep learning new things and keep progressing. My first two contests so far didn’t go as planned, so I hope to pick my game up in the following comps. I’m definitely aiming for that Junior Pro World Title but only time will tell.

A: Where’s the coolest place you’ve ridden? What spots are on your hit list to travel to in the future?

H: Definitely Japan for the 2018 Worlds. It was such a cool spot and the culture is really different than what I’m used to, so seeing that was rad. Nowhere specifically at the moment, I just want to keep traveling and shredding!

A: Thanks for chatting with us Haydon. Got any thank you’s and sponsor plugs you want to throw out? Let’s hear them!

H: No worries, thank you for having me! For sure though … I would like to thank Liquid Force and Follow for all their help and especially my Mum and Dad. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today!