Like many people, over the past few years I’ve been pondering different ways to take my wakeboarding career to the next level. It’s a common question, really, “How do you become a professional wakeboarder?” Besides riding a lot, you have to get exposure. Because if you’re a pro and nobody knows who you are, then you’re just a dude with 7 dollars in your checking account. I tossed around the idea of moving in with a Super Pro (Super Pro = a professional athlete with several gold medals and official titles like “King of Wake” or “ROTY”), but I just couldn’t part with my beautiful estate in Winter Park. Solution: Bring the big timers to me. That’s right, I rented a room to managing editor Garrett Cortese, and my career has never been better. My advice to all aspiring pros: call Tony Smith today. I just talked to him and he’s looking to buy a new place. So maybe he’ll need a roommate, and if he does and you’re the guy, you’re instantly famous. Or you could move to Florida and rent a room from any pro of legendary status (this one works every time.) The magazine guys are always around the Super Pros and themselves, so if you’re close to either of them, you’ll hit pay dirt. Remember folks, in wakeboarding it’s not what you know, it’s who you live with.