The quality of your riding experience and arguably your entire day on the boat has a lot to do with how good your captain is. Being a good wakeboarding and wakesurfing driver is a lot more that simply keeping the speed consistent, especially since almost every boat does that for you these days. It’s important to know your lake and know where the best riding is going to be. That will depend on a number of things – wind direction, lake depth, local laws and how many other boats are riding in that zone. You also want to try to find a good long line so that you are not doing repetitive passes in a small cover. To be a good wake boat driver you need to bring a lot of things together at the same moment to offer your rider and passengers a smooth, consistent and safe ride.

Listen to veteran pro rider Tony Carroll’s advice on how to be an excellent and safe driver.

The Wake Responsibly campaign educates homeowners and boaters about courteous behavior to ensure every moment on the lake is safe and enjoyable for all.
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