On the bucket list for every true lake lover must be a house boat trip. Simply put, houseboating is a special thing. In just a number of days you will rekindle your connection with nature, the water, your friends/family and make a handful of lifelong memories. It was in that vein that a lake loving crew from Michigan reached out to the Heyday family and asked if they wanted to join them on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky for a few days on the water. That decision was pretty easy, Heyday brought the boats and the Lake Lovers brought the fun.

Lake Cumberland is huge and deep. In fact it is the 9th largest reservoir in the US and it’s fairly remote with mainly tree lined mountains surrounding the lake. A pretty different look for the Florida crew; Dylan Miller, Katy, Ollie Derome, Mike Dowdy, Sam Langley and Nick Belmont with Alliance. The lake lover crew were a couple of guys from Michigan that simply love boating and were looking for a way to maximize their time on the water. As proof, their willingness to make the 12 hour drive down to Kentucky for 4 days on a housebow. They had booked a couple houseboats on Lake Cumberland and the rest was history.

For the riders and media it was refreshing to be on the water with enthusiasts that were simply stoked to be skimming across the water on any apparatus. That vibe seemed to bring everyone together and at the close of 4 days everyone had made new friends and lifelong memories.

Cheers to lake lovers everywhere for always making time on the water the best time.
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