FUEL TV World Premieres Justin Stephens’ Latest Wakeskate Film “Asterisk 2” on Monday, April 24 

Los Angeles and St. George, Utah – “Asterisk 2,” Justin Stephens’ follow-up project to the first of its kind, all wakeskate movie “Asterisk,” will make its world premiere on FUEL TV on Monday, April 24 at 9:30pm ET/PT.  This year, with the help of FUEL TV, Liquid Force Films and Josh Letchworth, Stephens brought together Scott Byerly, Aaron Reed, Brian Grubb, Thomas Horrell, Danny Hampson, Brandon Thomas, George Daniels and Phillip Basino to ride and shoot on a private reservoir in Utah.    “I am so grateful for the way that things panned out because it only helps give you a better idea about the friendships and the movement created by the riders involved.  It is a perfect example that things don’t always go as planned but can still turn into a positive situation. These wakeskaters had a small window to do what they do best, and pulled it off!” says Justin Stephens, filmmaker of “Asterisk 2.”    

“This partnership marks a new trend in how premiere action sports video titles can be promoted, released and distributed.  The business is changing and TV can not only prime video sales but it can also help sustain a title’s shelf-life,” says Shon Tomlin, VP Programming and Development, FUEL TV.  “Setting this precedent is big in and of itself but doing it with such a great film makes the whole thing even that much more special.”  

The premiere of “Asterisk 2” marks the first time that FUEL TV will premiere a film prior to its DVD launch. Enhancing this groundbreaking opportunity, Stephens has been working with the marketing and programming departments to create unique elements for the DVD release that will also include a full color picture book from Josh Letchworth.   Prior to “Asterisk 2,” FUEL TV licensed and continues to telecast Stephens’ films “Running with Scissors” and 2005 X-Dance nominee “Relentless.”  

“Wakeskating has always been a passion of mine and our entire company.  It is very important to us not only because it’s super fun to do, but because it’s helped the wake community grow by increasing interest in our industry.  When Justin and the riders came out with the groundbreaking film 2 years ago, “Asterisk,” it did a lot to help the sport grow and this latest project should continue to do the same.  Justin and all of the riders in Asterisk 2 are amazing people doing amazing things and we’re proud to be a part of what they do,” Says Don Wallace, Manager of Sales and Marketing, Liquid Force Wakeboards. Within the last few years Liquid Force Wakeboards and Justin Stephens joined forces to create Liquid Force Films, an action sports film company set out to produce the most innovative and progressive wakeboarding and wakeskating film projects to date.  

In a word, FUEL TV is action sports television.  Ok that was three words, but you get the point.  It’s your connection to what’s happening in skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, freestyle motocross and wakeboarding. FUEL TV brings you the exclusive stories, unique personalities and the epic moments of action sports.  You’ll hear new music, get inside riders’ heads, catch breaking news first, watch people fall down, get back up and do it all again. Maybe you live it.  Maybe you don’t. What is the world is coming to?  Tune in and see. 

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