This is the closest thing to an Elevated “full length” you can have! You know the deal by now, absolute fire soundtrack, vibes through the roof & some legit riding by the local crew. The beauty of these videos is that 99% of it is unscripted, just filming people doing what they’re already doing. It keeps it fun, genuine & organic; All while giving you a real taste of “Elevated Livin'” & just generally what it’s like hanging at the park. One of the best parts of the park & one thing I like for these videos to attempt to highlight, is the sense of community that is growing. Individuals of varying backgrounds, sex, age, etc. coming together through a shared love of fun that encourage each other on & off the water! This community is incredibly welcoming regardless of skill or time had on the water. These folks are family! Hopefully these movies serve as a fun time-stamp & in some way continue to grow the park, our local scene & the love of riding on the water to an ever-growing community!
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