With a nearly flawless first run in the final heat, Pro Wake Tour veteran Guenther Oka locked in the number one spot and held onto it for the entire second round to seal the win at the second stop of the PWT in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday. Guenther’s smooth riding and his blend of technical tricks executed with style put him on top of the podium. Previous event winner and young gun Sam Brown, linked together some solid moves but ended up falling on both of his final runs which took him out of contention for the podium. Tour standout and incredibly consistent performer, Nic Rapa landed in the second spot for the second week straight with Cory Teunissen landing in third. Another up and comer, Thomas Herman made his very first appearance in the finals this week marking his best performance yet. Massi Piffaretti has been riding incredibly this season with a set of new moves he hopes to unwrap for the PWT finals but has been plagued with falls.

After the first event in Katy, TX the riders knew that they were not going to make it to the finals, let alone the podium if they were not pushing it and putting all of their best moves into their runs. That meant that the spectators were given an amazing show, but the day was also littered with a number of big names going down with falls as they were pushing so hard.

The crowd on hand at Oak Mountain State Park was one of the biggest crowds we have seen in years as enthusiasts and families came out to see the riders throwing it down. With Skier’s Marine as the local pro shop and Supra Boats dealership, they rallied the entire Birmingham water sports community to come out for an incredible day at the lake.

Picturesque Double Oak Lake in Oak Mountain State Park just outside of Birmingham, Alabama offered the most ideal conditions and the Supra SA 550 once again delivered a perfect wake for all of the athletes to perform at the upper most level of their abilities.  With the boat providing the ultimate platform for these riders to showcase their talents it leaves the rest up to them and the riders delivered with some exceptional performances!


Pro Wakeboarding Winner – Guenther Oka 


1st – Guenther Oka 84.33
2nd – Nic Rapa 82.00
3rd – Cory Teunissen 79.00
4th – Sam Brown 71.67
5th – Thomas Herman 55.00
6th – Massi Piffaretti 43.33


Semi Finals
Heat 1
1st – Guenther Oka 80.00
2nd – Massi Piffaretti 70.00
3rd – Cory Teunissen 67.33
4th – Fynn Bullock 61.67


Heat #2
1st – Nic Rapa 88.33
2nd – Sam Brown 76.67
3rd – Thomas Herman 60.00
4th – Shota Tezuka 57.00


With Oka’s win, there are now 4 riders in the chase for the season overall championship – Rapa, Teunissen, Oka and Brown. With the next event being a digital event where the riders submit their lines on video and have the time to perfect their submissions, we are going to see some of the best wakeboarding lines ever created going live on at in a few weeks.

Be sure to tune in next week for the full show and recap of this Birmingham event on the PWT YouTube channel to see the full runs and get the insight from the riders on how it went down and how they felt about it.

In Pro Wakesurfing the 3 time Pro Wakesurf Tour Champion Sean Silveira once again showed that in a live event he is the man to beat. His variety and diversity are extremely hard to match as he balances his run with an amazing array of technical tricks as well as big air maneuvers.  Right behind Silveira once again was incredibly consistent Camron Swanson, then rounding out the podium was Tyler Stewart, who we did not see at the first event this year.  Both of these guys are killing it also.  The level of surfing is at an all time high and it will be interesting to see if Silveira can keep up this level of consistency to take home his 4th PWT overall tour title.


Sean Silveira

In Pro Wakesurfing the 3 time Pro Wake Tour Champion Sean Silveira put down what is likely the most technical, smooth and stylish wakesurfing competitive run ever landed. The shape of the Supra SA 550 wake was absolutely spectacular which allowed these guys to stomp nearly perfect runs. Right behind Silveira were the technically strong Swanson Brothers from Arizona. These three may very likely be in every final this year.


1st Sean Silveira 93.33
2nd Camron Swanson 85.00
3rd Tyler Stewart 73.33



1st – Sean Silveira 92.00
2nd – Tyler Stewart 90.00
3rd – Camron Swanson 75.00
4th – Beaux Wildman 69.33
5th – Tayor Swanson 67.33
6th – Nick Parros 65.00


Jr Pro Winner – Jamie Huser

In the Jr Pro Final, Swiss born Jamie Huser was the standout for the day with dominant wins in the semifinals and finals. In Jaden Reichl’s first PWT event ever he was able to lock in the number 2 spot and Parker Swope rounded out the podium.  These up and comers are the future of the sport and it is awesome to see the incredibly high level of riding they are throwing down!


1st Jamie Huser 86.67
2nd Jaden Reichl 73.33
3rd Parker Swope 60.00
4th Cody Hunnicutt 55.00


Congratulations to all of the Pro Wake Tour athletes for your amazing riding, specifically our three event champions – Guenther Oka, Sean Silveira and Jamie Huser. Don’t miss the next Pro Wake Tour event online on August 2nd.



Heat #1
1st – Guenther Oka 84.50
2nd – Fynn Bullock 79.33
3rd – Noah Wildman 71.00
4th – Tony Iacconi 60.00


Heat #2
1st – Cory Teunissen 87.67
2nd – Massi Piffaretti 85.33
3rd – Luca Kidd 81.67
4th – Ulf Ditsch 61.67


Heat #3
1st – Nic Rapa 80.00
2nd – Thomas Herman 65.00
3rd – Tyler Higham53.33
4th –  Jake Hill 48.33


Heat #4
1st – Shota Tezuka 71.67
2nd – Sam Brown 69.00
3rd – Jake Pelot 66.67
4th – Kai Ditsch 51.67



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