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In 2009 Highway Products, the world’s leader in custom aluminum manufacturing, launched Pavati with the mission of creating the first 100% aluminum wake boat. In 2012 we succeeded when we unveiled our first prototype, which was met with more excitement than we could have ever anticipated. Since then, we have invested more time and energy than ever before refining every part of our creation. Now we are excited to present to the world the first limited edition AL-24 production model, on January 1, 2014.

We named this boat after the chemical symbol for aluminum (Al-13), to remind the world of the unique and everlasting quality of a Pavati wake boat. Built from a pure and indestructible element, refined and tested for five years before ever being produced, the Pavati AL-24 is truly a masterpiece of engineering.

With its sharp edges and solid frame the patented aluminum hull creates a perfect, consistent wave for surfing every time. The world will quickly discover that it’s not just as good as its fiberglass counterparts. It’s better. It will never flex, spider, rot, splinter, or itch. It will never die.

In short, the AL-24 is the most innovative wake boat in the world.

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