Video Performance of the Year (wakeboard)

henshaw_kickeruprail - garrison

Kevin Henshaw – Permacation  —  photo: Chris Garrison

Web videos keep getting better and better. Over the past few years riders have specifically worked toward making legit, original web videos with the purpose of showing what they’re capable of in a package much smaller than a full-length video section. This year, Kevin Henshaw combined his building skills and creativity and his wakeboarding prowess with the team from Ioda Media to make the Video Performance of the Year. Obviously, this vid boasts solid production quality and is teeming with originality. What we love about Permacation, though, is the fact that it features nearly every aspect of our activity (kicker and rail hits behind a PWC, cable, system 2.0, and boat) in a video that’s less than five minutes long. Henshaw is one of only a handful of riders that has the talent and diversity to pull off an edit like Permacation. We’d like to thank him for encouraging up and coming riders to be multidimensional and to think outside the box. It’s this type of creativity that will provide traction for our activity to continue to grow and diversify. Lastly, it’s our firm belief that you shouldn’t be riding if you don’t enjoy watching methods boosted through trees.

henshaw_treemethod1 - garrison

Canada and Florida relations are improving thanks to Kevin Henshaw… Photo: Chris Garrison