Centurion Ri230

About Centurion:
We build Centurion boats so we can fulfill our purpose of making lives better. It is our expression of faith, reflected in the people whose lives we touch. We don’t see our- selves as just another boat builder. From the people who work here to the customers who purchase our boats and beyond, this purpose informs every interaction we have, every decision we make, from the way we work together to building better boats to sponsoring and supporting events. We don’t just build boats; we build community to make lives better. 

About the RI230:
The smallest of our Ri Series, the Ri230 is twenty-three feet of powerful perfection that merges the depth of the Ri Series with the sharp lines of the Fi Series in an aggressive, head-turning style. With as much as 5400 pounds of available ballast the smallest of the Ri Series has generated buzz due to its remarkable ability to generate the World’s best waves even at only 23-feet.



How does Centurion create a 26-foot-long wave? The relatively even distribution of our ballast options from bow to stern keeps the entire running surface displacing water. Centurion enables you to fill ballast throughout the boat so that the resulting wave is extended well beyond the typical sweet spot right off the swim platform.



Touch Reevo HD Screens
Exclusive to the Ri Series, the Touch Revo Side by Side 12” x 12” HD Dash System is composed 2 12” by 8” screens mounted side by side working together or independently so you can see and control everything at once. Also, only exclusive to the Ri230, Ri245 and Ri265, the Centurion ROV is a 5” x 3“ Range of View touch display that gives the driver a range of views of the boat’s position in the water.



RAMFILL offers the gift of time when you’re on the water because instead of spending 15 to 30 minutes waiting for ballast to fill, RAMFILL gets the job done in as little as 90 seconds. when every minute you get to play is precious, that makes a huge difference. Not only does it fill quickly, it allows the boat to maintain a level running attitude even as it’s weighted for surfing. 


Length: 23’
Beam: 102”
Dry weight: 5,500 lbs
Factory Ballast: 5,400 lbs
Passenger capacity: 14
MSRP: $163,036



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