Ronix keeps all of this “Blackout Technology” pretty under wraps, but what we do know is that the RXT features the same tech as the Ronix One but with a completely different approach to the shape. The most glaring contrast is this board’s continuous rocker profile, which gave it a completely unique ride in comparison to the One. To expand further on this contrast, the Ronix One, provided great pop, but was difficult to find consistency at the start of our testing, however the RXT was the complete opposite. Consistency was the name of the game when it came to this board. It was easy to generate decent pop and landings were always soft and rolling edge to edge was smooth and easy as well. To put simply, the RXT made it easy to know what you were going to get no matter what you were doing. It may have been a bit more difficult to squeeze every inch out of those big airs, but the tradeoff was that the board was comfortable from the get go. This board is easy to understand while still giving you the tools to ride at the same level as the top athletes in the sport.
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