It hasn’t taken long for Sam Brown to become known as one of the most creative riders behind the boat, with his unique trick selection, grabs and all around style. With Sam being at the forefront of the new generation in wakeboarding, it makes sense for him to have a board that matches his pursuit of pushing limits. With the introduction of the Unity Aero also comes Liquid Force’s new “Space Frame Deck”. This technology is supposed to add onto the popular Aero Core by increasing structural rigidity while reducing unnecessary material. In our testing we did find that this new structure gave you some extra confidence in the board’s durability – whether this was placebo or not is something that only time will tell. The Unity also features a continuous rocker which makes the board quick across the water. To balance having such a lightweight and quick board, Liquid Force also added dual concaves to the center hull, quad concave tips and quad molded fins for stability. We found that this combination made the board extremely effortless turning edge to edge but still was able to lock in when needed. The Unity Aero is a showcase of some of the most innovative tech in wakeboarding for 2022 and is certainly a fitting match for what kind of board you would expect to see under Sam Brown’s feet.
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