Meagan Ethell has had a pro model with Liquid Force for a number of years for good reason, but for 2022, Meagan and the team at LF have made huge adjustments to this board for the new year. The Liquid Force ME now features the popular Aero Core. If you aren’t aware of Liquid Forces Aero Core, it’s simply the lightest core you are going to find on the market for 2022. Typically when you think of the Aero Core series boards, you would assume these boards are reserved for the most advanced riders only. What sets the M.E. apart from the other Aero Core boards is that the design makes it much more broadly appealing and offers advantages for even beginner level riders, while still providing the features needed for the elite level. For instance the bevel rails make the board more forgiving during those not so perfect landings. This board has a progressive 3-stage rocker as well as a series of concaves on the bottom of the board which makes it fast and easy to ride. In the belly of the M.E is a mellow spine running tip to tail which softens landings. This design may be Meagan’s pro model, but this board is certainly not gender specific. With a solid graphic, Aero Core, and a shape that can be beginner friendly while still riding with the best of them, we would definitely recommend this board for anyone looking for a great boat board in the smaller sizes.
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