2020 was a strange year. I may not be collecting the Pulitzer Prize by making this widely accepted statement but it’s important to note that throughout this entire year it seemed there was very little rhyme or reason to just about anything that took place and the wakeboard market was no different. Some companies found themselves with record years, while others were forced to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Amongst all the uncertainty there was one constant; online retail is king.

So what does this have to do with reviewing wakeboards, or better yet what does this mean for my fellow wakeboarders, park rats and water sport enthusiasts? Choosing the right product has never been more difficult. With dock filled demo days and public events being slim to none (given the current pandemic) consumers are left up to guess work, confusing flex graphs, and size charts that you’re favorite rider probably isn’t even following in hopes to order the right board for a year’s worth of shredding. The 2021 Alliance Gear Guide Wakeboard Review is here to help.

Our goal is to break down each board that was submitted by various categories in order to help you choose the right shred sled for 2021. With so many brands offering their own version of the next “Got to Have it” feature, a lot of choosing a board comes down to personal opinion, and as it turns out having a personal opinion on a board you’re about to order from a webpage can be hard. We spent more time than ever riding and reviewing, giving detailed thoughts and feedback on every submitted board to give you the metrics needed to start off 2021 with an informed purchase.

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