SLINGSHOT VOLT (Steffen Vollert Pro Model)

Steffen Vollert’s new board of choice, the Volt, is a far cry from his previous pro model, the Whip. Adding to the “long board” style of wake, the Volt starts at a 146 cm to give the bigger guys another deck to slaysh around on. The cable version of the Native, the Volt has a thinner profile and flex tips for easy pressing and a continuous rocker for plenty of speed when landing off of kickers. Add in its elliptical concave on the tip and tail and this thing is ready to rip your local park a new one. Josh was stoked on it saying, “I’m surprised how much I like this board. The flex tips are tons of fun and even though it’s really buttery, it still tracks very well. The base is killer too and didn’t get hung up at all.”

MSRP: $549.99

Sizes: 146cm, 152cm, 158 cm


The reigning King of the Park: the Slingshot Volt (photo: Mathis)

SLINGSHOT NATIVE (Alex Graydon Pro Model)

Brand new for 2020, The Native by Alex Graydon brings back the classic shape of the Recoil with a few added twists. Adding subtle flex tips and elliptical concave keep the board fun and floaty while hacking at your favorite wake. It’s stiffer through the belly to help pop off the wake and has a continuous rocker to be faster on the water, helping to eliminate fatigue so you can stretch your sessions for longer. Alex Graydon has one of the most unique styles whether it’s behind the boat or the cable and this board is built to keep up. Billy was having nothing but a good time on it saying, “This is definitely the most fun board we rode today. I love the feel of it on the water, the flex, and the pop. It’s loose on the water and very playful.”

MSRP: $549.99

Sizes: 138 cm, 144cm, 150cm


Billy Allen with a handful of tail (photo: Mathis)



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