Slingshot is always on the top of the “hip” list whether it be wakeboarding, foiling or wakesurfing. Maybe it’s because they are from Washington? Or it’s just a West Coast thing … we’ll go with the latter. The Cobra Cat XR is just that, a hip classic surf shape that everyone on the boat will enjoy. The pulled in tail allows you to turn tighter in the small pocket of a boat wave and flow from rail-to-rail without catching. It was definitely on the faster side of things, with surprisingly decent pop for being on the larger side. Equipped with FCS II fins, you can change up your ride on the fly. Want a more loose and playful ride? Run the twin fin set-up. Prefer more drive and stability? Run it as a thruster.

MSRP: $777

Sizes: 4’8″


Nothing like a little air behind the G23 Paragon (photo: Mathis)


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