The highly anticipated Alliance Photo Annual is here and it’s one of the most unique issues to date. To start, Kevin Henshaw lands on page one with an all black and white cover from Area 52. Kevin has put his heart and soul into the property and it continues to pay off for him. Once you take your eyes off the cover you are taken into the highly coveted ROTY.


This year choosing a ROTY was one of the toughest yet. After the past ROTY winners and industry influencers votes were tallied there was only one winner… JOSH TWELKER! Josh put out two of the most progressive video parts of the year, pushed his rail and winch riding and did it all with his own unique Twelker style. Twelker was constantly talked about this year and there is no one more deserving to take ROTY than Twelker.


After naming the newest ROTY you are taken into a visual masterpiece of the years best photos from around the world. The photo annual issues is one of the toughest to piece together because there are so many deserving photos. The diversity keeps growing every year proving there is no one way to ride a wakeboard anymore.


It’s only fitting that the most versatile little action camera gets featured in the biggest photo issue of the year. The GoPro team takes you on a trip to Lake Powell to show you just how much fun a boat full of friends and a little camera can be.


Finally, it wouldn’t be our best issue without wakeskating. The 2016 Wakeskate Tour was one of the best in history. The riding was next level thanks to the unique setups and stacked finals at every tour stop. Once again though, Andrew Pastura came away with the overall tour win and proving why he is called “The King.”