It’s that time of the year again where everyone can kick back, toss the boots up and crack open a frosty Not Beer. 2016 has been a wild year full of some of the most creative riding and riders this industry has ever seen from all over the world. We decided to tally up every page of our magazine for the year to see which riders graced the pages the most in 2016. The scoring system took into account the size of the photo, if it was on the cover or back cover and if it was an advertisement or not. We are starting with number 20 and counting down all the way to #1 which will be revealed next week.


20. Josh Kerr
Josh may seem like a surprise on this list since he is mostly known for his power and style in the ocean as a pro surfer. He had consistent ads from Tige Boats, which is how he made his way to number 20 on the list.


19. Dylan Miller
Whenever you see a photo of Dylan in an issue you know it’s going to be good. This skinny stance Canadian is always up to something a little different than everyone else, which helps him make his way into the majority of the issues this year.


18. Trever Maur
Trever is one of the hardest working guys in the industry who not only shot, produced, rode in and promoted one of the best movies we have seen in years, but he managed to still find time to shoot photos and carry on the legacy of the West Coast, too. We can’t wait to see what Trever and the boys can come up with next for the sport.


17. Daniel Grant
Where do we even begin with this fist-pumping 18 year old from Thailand? Daniel is without a doubt the most talented rider in all of wakeboarding and wakeskating. He has won both divisions in the same contest, he has traveled to 18-plus countries this year and brought the most energy to any contest, free ride or photoshoot and still managed to do it all with a flair that only he can.


16. Quinn Silvernale
As part of the Coalition crew Quinn has gotten more and more coverage the past two years and it’s not by accident. He has been out in the trenches winching, building and doing things this way for years; people are just finally taking notice. There wasn’t one photo of Quinn this year that didn’t make you stop and say “WTF?!?”

Check back on Friday to see #15-11 of our 2016 exposure meter.