Photo: EJ Peterson

Date: 8/12/09
temperature: 95
trick: Back lip
mosquitoes: everywhere
location: Girlfriend Gap
Driver: EZ $$$

It all started out as an idea, but if it’s in a Phillips’ head, it is going to happen. Joe hurt his shoulder very badly one day, and while he was unable to wakeskate he busted out the ax and started to chop down trees with his good arm. With some help from Ez$$$ and Jake, they managed to pile the logs on top of each other and make the start pool. A few months later came the hubbas. On the night we finished the one hubba Joe couldn’t wait til the next day to hit it. So we busted out the flashes and a set of construction lights and this is one of the shots we managed to get. Also I want to say thank you the Zorn family for letting us have this amazing set up. Look out for Joe’s new video coming soon.