Name: John Ruark
Age: 22
Home: Santa Rosa, CA now in Orlando, FL
Years riding: 6
Sponsors: OWC, 1080
Boat, PWC or Winch? Winch and cable park
Wake or sliders? Sliders
Film or photos? Both
Skateboard or wakeboard? Skateboard
Vest or no vest? Vest
TV shows or Movies? Movies
Metal or rap? Anything good
Home or away? Away

7 a.m. is early, I don’t care who you are, but this guy gets up then to go park cars. Why? To have money to ride and skate, obviously. After riding for almost six years and becoming a star at the OWC, John still isn’t satisfied. He threw down a huge indy grab over the gap to the Blacktop Brodeo in Ybor City, FL last year, and then took some time to lie low and chill out before this season. But don’t think he just sat around. Not content to just stick to the sliders at OWC or hit the wake behind a boat, John and a friend built a custom rail out of trees, that’s right, actual trees. John’s monster rail climbs almost seven feet out of the water and measures a total of 55 feet long.

“John is probably one of the most underrated technical riders out there. People don't pay enough attention to him because he primarily rides the cable. But he has this Rodney Mullen approach to wakeskating. He has changed my opinion on how I see the cable parks now,” Chris Des Georges of Omen Wakeskates said.

If you get a chance to hit up one of the skate competitions this summer definitely watch out for John Ruark, ‘cause he is well rested and ready to bring out the technical side of wakeskating.