Date: Saturday, October 18th
Location: Orwood Resort / California Delta    
Trick: Frontside Flip
Temp: Air 80 / Water 60

I've had the privilege of shooting Grant before, but never the chance to shoot from a chase boat, so I was quite excited.  Riding in the crowded chase boat during the NorCal Convergence 7,  I took an elbow to the breadbasket from a colleague who will remain anonymous.  Retaliation you say? Perhaps.  On my way down to the fetal position, I snapped off this shot of Grant.  It is hard NOT to get great shots of Grant, even if you've been taken out by another photographer or videographer.  Props to Grant for killing it for as long as he did that day.  What we don't see is that shortly after this set, Grant put away 30 inches of philly cheesesteak sandwich all by himself.  Gotta love camping with wakeskaters!